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Strength & Preparation

As I mentioned in the previous post, many children might not realize how much they achieved through all that traveling on the first day.


We did tell the children that we would be walking a lot. However, when the time arrived it might not as easy as it seems for them. They arrived in Warsaw after long flights and had little rest before we started the walk. However, they accomplished an hour walk to the restaurant in the cold and a bit of breeze. And fighting with their jet lag, they made the same distance back…..although much faster this time.


We did prepare the children to pack in a way that they could carry their own luggage. This was put to test since the first day. Their first task after arriving at the hostel was to carry them up to second and third floors. They complained for a little but they were thankful that they did pack LIGHT. Even our smallest ones managed on their own (with a bit of help from bigger ones).


We did remind them before they left that they will learn to become more independent through this trip. The ability to take responsibility for themselves, especially in hygiene is one the aspects one must learn to become more independent. The children learnt to wash their own underwear and clean up their own plates and glasses. They had to do so in the hostel and they proved very competent. The kids got up early today, had their own breakfast and cleaned up after themselves so nicely that even the hostel staff complimented them for it.


We did explain to them all this whole trip will be a full learning experience. We will be learning from everything we do. During the walk to the old town, the children were in awe with so many things. Even when they were tired, they wanted to take everything in. They were curious. With their prohibition of internet usage during day time, their facing down to screens became a facing up to monuments, buildings, and people!

We might be old school but opening up all our senses to be sensitive to everything we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste is what we believe how the children will learn best :D

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