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DAY 12: Last concert and Chopin's birth place

Our last concert is a whole day out of town for the children. We started very early to reach Podkowa Leśna for our lunch time concert. Thanks to yesterday’s practice, the children managed to get their minds back on the concert track. As soon as we arrived, all the children knew their job very well. They went to the changing room, hung all their concert attire, and went straight to practice. They took turn playing and listening to each other.

It was wonderful for us to see that after 12 days into the camp, they can now take care of each other well. They didn’t need much of our help. The space we gave them in the first week of the trip allowed them to grow into each other, to complement each other, and to understand each other more.

The concert went very well. All the ‘students’ of the University of Third Age — the grannies and granddaddies — loved the performance and were very impressed with the children.

In the afternoon, we headed to Zelazowa Wola to see the birthplace of Chopin. The house itself meant a lot for the children to visit. They learnt more about Chopin’s early life before he became the infamous Polish composer we know today. Apart from the house itself, the area surrounding it is a great big garden that people can explore. After 12 days of activities and 3 concerts, the children really craved for this peaceful time in the nature. They ran around exploring the whole area with the sound of Chopin’s music accompanying them everywhere. How? The museum provided small speakers around the garden so people can still listen to Chopin’s music while exploring the museum.

After our full day expedition out of town and a concert, the children really needed to celebrate. With their request, we all went back to our favorite place for more pierogis!!

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