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Rehearsal for Poland

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Before we leave on each trip, we try our best to prepare all the students for their masterclasses as well as concerts. Here is a glimpse to our last Friday's (March 15,2019) rehearsal.

This 'mock-up' concert is usually to help them prepare their state of mind for performance on stage. At the same time, it is a great opportunity for them to support each other in their performances as well as to get advice and tips from Aj. Nat Yontararak.

Why do we prepare so much?

Because we want them to be able to bring out their best. This is not only about preparing for the concerts. But it is also another way for them to have a similar experience as any international touring artists. They can't rely on their practice abroad once they start touring. We have to be ready for any situation. This will also help the children make more room for their progress in the upcoming masterclasses during their trip.

In the next rehearsal, the children will also try to perform in their Thai costume. This will help them practice with their real performance clothes and most importantly, to get dressed in those costumes by themselves!

Stay tuned! More photos will follow :D

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