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DAY 10: Łazienki Park, Chopin Academy, and Pierogis

We took a bit more relaxing day today. We allowed everyone to get up later than usual. After such an intense week in Krakow and yesterday morning service, everyone was so exhausted.

Everyday we learnt something new.

Everyday we went somewhere new.

Everyday we tried something new.

All this combining with a lot of walk for Bangkokian legs, we needed a bit more rest today.

Today’s agenda was a time in Łazienki Park to find the famous Chopin monument and Chopin Academy in the afternoon.


We first went to the park by bus. We arrived there in front of a gate. Yes, you read it correctly ‘A’ gate to the park. Łazienki is actually the biggest park in Warsaw with many entrances, small palaces, and residences. It took us some time to finally found our Chopin. Not only that the park was so big, but it was also full of things for the children to see.

This is when I realized that we are all city people and how much we all miss the green of nature. Just imagine this with our Asian edge to take photos. We stopped quite a lot to take photos of flowers, trees, birds, ducks, etc. The children were saying “ooh”s and “ah”s to all the new birds or flowers that they saw. We also passed by palace on the isle and the small amphitheater nearby.

After about 45 minutes of this refreshing walk, we found the Chopin monument. The children got to learn of the Sunday Chopin concerts in the park by the monument and how people can be really quiet to listen to a classical concert even outside of a concert hall. Unfortunately, they didn’t witness any concert at the monument this time but they could imagine how people would sit and how big it would be.


Our afternoon started with our meeting with old friends at Chopin Academy. Firstly, we were so happy that our dear friend, Jerzy Sterczynski, helped taking our students on a tour of the academy along with our Thai friend there, Tanchanok Yimsomboon. It was a great opportunity for the children to see the school as well as talk to current students of Chopin Academy. They learnt more of the life there, how people practise, how people take exams, and how they perform there. Jerzy and Tanchanok kindly showed us their concert hall as well as practice and teaching rooms.

They could see how the students there take practicing very seriously. They saw everyone practicing everywhere, even in the hall way! This made them realize how their own practice time can be precious now too!

After the tour and some catch up with our old friends, the children headed to the old town again to do small shoppings before coming back to the academy to attend a concert in the evening.

After all the shopping, we had to hurry through our dinner to make it in time for the concert. We decided to go Polish today. The children haven’t had much experience with Pierogis yet. So, Pierogi it is!

I was really surprised at how much they LOVE pierogis. After ONE week in Poland, their taste in food has definitely broadened. They kept asking for more and more pierogis. I must say that their best favorites are pork and cabbage and goat cheese. I determined to have them taste sweet pierogis before we go back too.

Watching the children walking around exploring new places today was probably one of the best moments from the trip. Watching them becoming so much closer to each other brings me joy. Seeing them embracing new experiences gives me hope. Lastly, seeing them grow from within themselves is the biggest prize for me to be here with them.

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