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DAY 1: To Poland, we go!!!

Our first day went well with everyone feeling very excited for the trip. This excitement really helped them got through the first day.


We started our first day quite tough with a very late night flight from Bangkok with Qatar Airways. Just imagine these 10-15 year olds. They fought their sleepiness through and made it into the plane without falling asleep while walking there.

From Bangkok to Doha, everyone slept, watched movies, and ate. In Doha, we met a santa! One of the children's parents, Khun Tor, bought all the children some snacks and water. Although we ate constantly on flight, these growing bodies still need more fuel to burn.

From Doha to Warsaw, I started to see the children got quite cold on flight. I turned around and saw our 14 year old Ja-ae is fighting with the aircon. Łukasz, our drum teacher and guide of this trip, checked the aircon for her and turned it down at much as he could but Ja-ae still seems like she just loves her sweater and her coat.


With all the walking and lining-ups with 18 people, we finally made it to our hostel almost 4 pm. We hurried up to our rooms, freshened up, and came back out again to stretch our legs in the streets of the old town Warsaw. This first walk to our designated restaurant for dinner was a great introduction to our trip to Poland. We walked pass Chopin Museum, Nowy Swiat street, Holy Cross church where Chopin's heart is, the statue of Copernicus, the old Royal Castle, etc. This walk gave reminded us of what we will be exploring on our trip, this country's history, music, and scientific endeavors.

Naaaa we are not tired. We just need to sit here for a second :P


Unfortunately, by the time we got to the restaurant, we were all so starving that I didn't take any photos of the dishes for you here. I only have some photos of the children enjoying their food. Everyone got to try a variety of soups, dumplings (pierogi) and Polish hot dishes. They all tried everything and seemed to be enjoying the discovery of new tastes and cuisine.

With our tummy full, our eyes started to get droopy. Although, the first day was full of sleep and eat on flights, jetlag still came after these children. But they made their way back to the hostel without sleepwalking and hit the bed right away!

Our first day ends here but there are more stories to tell. I will tell you more of the strength these children have to go through this very first day. Little did they know, they already got stronger just going through today!

Stay tuned! #NSxPoland2019

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