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Nat Studio Piano Summer Camp: Why our camp?

After so many requests from parents of children who go to international schools, Nat Studio finally decided to organize a special piano summer camp for these students.

Our summer camp is very special. We try our best to incorporate other fields of the Arts as well as history into our camp so that the children will have a more holistic view of music. We also have a different theme for each year. In this year, our theme is on “creative process”.

Why “creative process”?

Because music is not only about notes and rhythm. It is so much more. It’s about what you would like to say to your audience. It’s about your character. It’s about how you communicate. It’s about how you feel and how you express this through your playing.

With this in mind, we help the children enhance their pianistic skills through our intense musical course of private piano lessons, supervised practice, music history, ear-training, and choir. Each class complements each other and help the children develop not only their piano technique, but also their listening skills and deeper understanding of music.

To help them bring out their creativity, the children have a choice of either art, photography, or drama. They are then expected to learn to express themselves through these mediums. This, in turn, will help them visualize, or embodied, the expressions of their piano pieces better.

Not only that these extra art lessons help them express themselves; but they also help them in their story-telling development.

Why “story-telling”?

As mentioned earlier, music is about expression. It’s about what you would like to ‘say’ to others through your playing. Story-telling helps you organize your thoughts more coherently. Moreover, it helps you learn to ‘tell’ something in an interesting way.

With this idea in mind, we collaborate with an expert in developing children’s imagination through story-telling. Thanks to CREAM, the creative literacy center for children, our students will have an exceptional opportunity to use all their skills to develop a creative story.

All these reasons together with the amazing food, lovely dogs, and homey atmosphere at Nat Studio, I can guarantee that all children will have a great time here as well as learning in such a fun way they can never forget.

We believe in creating a school that uses music to nurture and foster each child’s character.

As Plato once said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

We believe that through music children can learn so much more than how to play the piano well. They are slowly making their own wings to their own mind. This is what differentiates a brilliant mind from a smart one.

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